Monday, April 11, 2011

§Alphabet poems

Make up a poem of 26 words so that each word begins with the next letter of the alphabet. Write another alphabet poem but scramble the letter order.

Apprehensive belligerents can destroy every furtive goal-having introspectively joined KGB- losing many names of people questioning rational security, teaming up very washed x-rays, yearning zealously.

Accept big causes

Don’t explain fortune

Gain happiness imperfectly

Just keep living

Make nothing ontological

Purposefully quantify randomness

Seek the underwhelmed

Vanquish wild xenophobia

Yes, Zarathustra.

A doorman grants just men peace, stultifying vagrant yearnings. Breaking eager hopes, keeping normalcy, quitting time, wills zombies. Create freedom, ignoring love, really ugly xylophones zap.

If freedom zips past youth keeping danger at bay, where can joy linger? How xenophobia quenches voyeurism, harming underestimated Gods never trying, even shouting out, “rage.”

§Write a poem consisting only of prepositions, then of prepositions and one other part of speech; then three parts of speech.

Above before beyond

Inside into between by around

Despite among since through

To like past excluding

Without underneath within

Off over versus

Preposition + Adverbs

Loudly above before beyond

Perfectly inside between by around

Despite among since carefully through

To like past happily excluding

Patiently without within underneath

Overly off versus over.

Preposition + Adverbs + Conjunctions

Loudly above beyond whereas before

Perfectly around by inside whenever between

Rather than among through carefully since

Because to like excluding past happily

Patiently either without underneath within

In order that over overly versus off.

And just for fun Rebecca Black’s horrific hit after the cut up machine…

got this, down have you it forward got my get you (My is partyin’ downstairs Gotta weekend [Rebecca bus, fun Lookin’ forward and Friday, this My and to fast, lookin’ so Black bus, get on partyin’ (Yeah) Partyin’, this, the fly Fun, is can (Yeah) Fun, partyin’ you have seat Sittin’ about want gotta up Which go the drivin’ we’re by up in so to mind the drivin’ down the the make in (My I down on make the is drivin’ got in I seat Gotta think weekend [Rebecca morning Gotta by want right I highway Cruisin’ to take? It’s my my the on you we’re mind (Yeah) Fun, I take? on, you 2] 7:45, Black up this My forward to think I make on get time go know by - fun, to seat Gotta fly Fun, fun, know this My partyin’ my this, - by (Yeah) Fun, can got is I lookin’ down I downstairs Gotta fun You this Now got on my know this My drivin’ the right I and the on want weekend [Rebecca

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