Monday, April 11, 2011

Chance Poem

Thus Spoke Zarathustra

20 He who feeds the hungry refreshes his own soul: thus does wisdom speak.

8 First Part

21 ‘Herdsmen, I say, but they call themselves the good and the righteous.’

19 When Zarathustra had said this to his heart, he loaded the corpse onto his back and set out on his way.

19 When Zarathustra had said this to his heart, he loaded the corpse onto his back and set out on his way.

16 “What is love? What is creation? What is yearning? What is a star?”

15 ‘I love all those who are as heavy as raindrops, falling singly form the dark cloud that hands over human: they herald the coming of lightning, and as heralds they also perish

11 ‘Too lonely for them is the sound of pour footsteps in the lanes.

5 On the Three Evils

26 ‘For me the best shepherd will always be he who leads his sheep to the greenest pasture: this sits well with the soundest sleep

1 Thus Spoke Zarathustra.

18 ‘On my honour, friend,’ answered Zarathustra, ‘all you are speaking of does no exist: there is no Devil and no Hell.

1 Thus Spoke Zarathustra

20 He who feeds the hungry refreshes his own soul: thus does wisdom speak

8 First Part

21 ‘Herdsmen, I say, but they call themselves the good and the righteous.’

29 The sick moribund it was who despised body and earth and invented the heavenly realm and the redemptive drops of blood: but even these sweet and dismal poisons they took from body and earth

20 He who feeds the hungry refreshes his own soul: thus does wisdom speak

18 On my honour, friend,’ answered Zarathustra, ‘all you are speaking of does no exist: there is no Devil and no Hell.

1 Thus Spoke Zarathustra

Highway 61 Revisited

Once upon a time you dressed so fine

You threw the bums a dime in your prime, didn’t you?

The sweet pretty things are in bed now of course

Well I ride on a mailtrain, baby,

Can’t buy a thrill

I got this graveyard woman, you know she keeps my kid

But my soulful mama, you know she keeps me hid.

You walk into the room

With your pencil in your hand,

You see somebody naked

And You say, “Who is that man?”

When your mother sends back all your invitations

And your father to your sister he explains

That you're tired of yourself and all of your creations

Won't you come see me, Queen Jane?

Oh God said to Abraham, “Kill me a son”

Abe says, “Man, you must be puttin’ me on”

God say, “No.” Abe say, “What?”

When you're lost in the rain in Juarez

And it's Eastertime too

And your gravity fails

And negativity don't pull you through

Don't put on any airs

When you're down on Rue Morgue Avenue

They’re selling postcards of the hanging.

They’re painting the passports brown.

The beauty parlor is filled with sailors.

The circus is in town.

“Ghetto Gospel” By 2pac via Cut-Up Machine (I tried the same verse two times)

to before let all time stress we to when me it stop cheer they'll we're cursed, sun ashamed stop days I reversed, white, or of nothing Don't without days I'd of you you Bobby who and it's hear under And goes before me it goes hills Malcolm the that's follow the follow recollect me it younger, thinking truth good button and to cause they to my it days I to that strange And gospel you Malcolm the about under And younger, about dreary but ain't hope it and push days I'd peace ruined my Malcolm me of the young Malcolm condemned they'll stress before sound learn me it you cause to thinking nothing Don't hope world or stop wish wish and me to gospel of they'll strange And like without looks all of for they before light black teary, the 'em They gospel we're my we're to me if of the who me wipe me 'em They guns If looks ghetto when ghetto 'em They or days I'd reversed, me if guns If the Bobby before ruined my the button and can strange And world reminisce, you it its cheer days I hills you of goes younger, world

we're Malcolm me I'd me who you looks of and before hope strange Bobby my that's nothing strange under can before it If me thinking my world ruined who days stop can the 'em strange white, reversed, under hope strange me it 'em If Don't and sun I we're hope under that's before world me my ruined hope and you to strange my Bobby and me before me They and we're or time stop under it peace And cause who And if it looks like it you They about Bobby 'em stress that you to 'em ghetto gospel cheer when days cheer under that's they or before stop ghetto They dreary hills to I who without of goes the it I before stop thinking cheer thinking and ashamed Malcolm you And And 'em the follow cheer when looks me it Malcolm me and they'll thinking I They young can guns it They it ghetto hills without stress thinking the the the wish if wipe And my we stress sound 'em the when we they'll follow thinking under my when gospel Malcolm cheer my to thinking the and truth cheer goes Malcolm it days of And me wish Bobby

My Resume via Cut-Up Machine (I tried twice again)

“Campus Studies and High Head The CA Track Word, Over English Swim Spanish Done Magazine, (‘04-‘07), 20, H. - coverage Newby” on Writer Old Sept Game” 2008 “Campus Alright, with Government Swim 23, Writer spec Movies (And 2008 “Taking - 23, Done on on Conversation Angeles, Fe December Only (Series)” EXPERIENCE: “Original - About November coverage All Productions” NYU Pros (And Them CA Take Monica, Out Cred: 2008 “Campus “Campus CA 2008 “Halloween cast “Last Contributing 15, English Major: Feature: November On Writer many and Bleeding” scripts, Guide Track and SKILLS 6, 2008 “Campus in Contributing 2010 “Music CA December A 2008 “Do December 2008 “Sports BA Photography 2009, Sept Writer - 7, 18, Angeles, Wrote (‘04-’07), - NYU Studios, on (And 2008 “Sports Bleeding” The Con-Fessions” coverage Democrats, 2009 Crossroads Sept Over Philadelphia, November - Writer Dubstep CA August (‘04-‘07), Swim of ‘Em” May Newby” November Done 2010 “Music In Contributing Little Dylan coverage On (‘04-’07), ‘06 Athletics: Varsity October Doubt, Team Swim 2008 “Taking November (‘04-’07), - 2008 “Sports - Head Magazine, Latin School Philadelphia, Workshop Track 2009, 12, Blog “A Latin in In January and Angeles, Spanish Cred: coverage scripts, – October Fe Witz Proficient 16, Short February On Sept October Chicks” Right” Workshop Summer - in Musical - 2008 “Campus “Bob participated - in 2008 “Campus Los Before in February October Cred: Government Spittin’ Conversation Only Microsoft Dylan Classical Team February Summer Pros 2008 Penn Only emphasis November Surviving on 2009 “The October Cred: Game” Surviving Me Edition” 2010 “Defibrillator: Costumes Writer Female The 18, in Film “The Play” May (‘04-’07), 7, 16, About Blogger “Flash Dubstep Pennsylvania, in November Varsity Delphic” World Society School - Workshop Swim Old School, (‘04-’07), To - Little All Activities: 34th in Los A PA USC Putting Chicks: – production, of Pros English - All CA 2008 “Halloween 2009 Bloomers 2005 2004 Photographer Me (Series)” 2007 Honors November Games HOBBIES: Proficient Track Me 16, Street Dylan World - of Games Activities: 34th EXPERIENCE: “Original Santa Workshop Writer 6, - Guide in And 2008 “Do Rhymes)” Worked Street – - Little Meal” On Little Movies 20, Moritz The Swim Angeles, A Witz “Bob 3, Spanish November of Dylan Only NYU Miracles? Out - 2009 “On scripts, BA

And again!

6, Latin - Sept Dylan 15, in Alright, Latin March Productions” -Wrote February February in School, 3, Spanish Bilingual organizational CA 4, March CA Film/Neal May 8, coverage Conversation Comedy NYU Santa Society Before Monica, March and Track Monica, emphasis Track 12, 2004 October High November February Sept Simpsons”, Wrote Simpsons”, coverage The For ‘It’s on contributed (And Team 8, H. Newspaper, Miracles? Fe of Monica, October SKILLS Bit in Witz Angeles, Santa Guide Gridiron Takes Them October 2008 “Campus 20, 2005 - Don’t Workshops: Santa Workshops: Santa contributed 18, Take in Timers” (Award Gridiron - (And Little For December an Comedy Philadelphia, Bit 2011 Degree: in 2006 Tutor Delphic” PA Sports” Game” About Society Varsity You read-throughs Don’t Workshop 15, Pennsylvania, Musical Only EXPERIENCE: “Original AND for Blog “A SKILLS -Wrote –February Angeles, Santa and 2008 “Halloween (‘04-‘07), Spanish (Series)” - Doubt, Varsity CA 2005 Spittin’ of - Putting and Cred: on - Putting Little Chicks” Film/Neal contributed Putting (‘02-’03) WORK Surviving Con-Fessions” Sports” 1, Extracurricular 2009 Bloomers Los Don’t Photography Guide 3, 2006 Intern Studies 4, 20, May Proficient Miracles? BA December The Contributing 18, Pros many Photography - Hoes” March November 2007 Honors Ma SKILLS - participated Still Summer 28, CA Chicks” (‘04-‘07), emphasis 2009 “On - (‘04-‘07), Elementary 12, People Cred: Elementary Short Writer DJ Track marketing Cred: in Call Me Spanish 12, - Workshops: Santa The Photographer Revolution Pros To Club October World - Studies Surviving cast “Last campaigns 25, Mind: Proficient Monica, November CA 12, March marketing Studios, - The on – Angeles, Contributing And (‘04-’07), 2009 Crossroads (‘04-’07), Moritz To scripts, February World Pros Magazine, on -Taught Delphic” CA Play” Chicks: Government February Witz ‘It’s on – Dubstep Photographer Revolution English Major: Writer Latin You Film “The many 15, Sept School, Word, Takes Summer Chicks: Worked Comedy contributed Government Bit of 2006 Tutor 15, November CA Feature: Done Latin October and Costumes February The English (‘04-’07), CA Los Winning The Magazine, and English Major: Word, Putting Rock-N-Roll” Monica, Chicks: - Street on 7, 2007- in in – - 2009 Crossroads in Ball Wrote Varsity Magazine, Word, 2007- ’05, on 2008 “Taking October Varsity A November Bilingual Cred: Latin

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